‘ I’m a 20 year old who literally looks like a 16 year old (and feels like one);
A girl who is just as depressed as the next.
A girl who never does what she is feeling like in the public,
A girl who cares so much about what others think of her public image… The list may go on, so let’s just say a girl with no real feelings, no sincere actions;
This is A Genuinely Fake Girl’s blog!
P.S: Who is to say I’m not fake? (I’ll let you decide that for yourselves).’


Besides all of that, this is my daily or weekly (depending on my day) journal/blog like page. I’m so new to all of this but I guess after some years, writing on a journal which can be found by anyone who enters my room could get some what boring.

From now on I’m out in the open, come and get me, if you dare 😉