Au Revoir, Where it All Began

I’ve been getting used to living here, I’ve been getting used to not functioning properly, being lazy, asleep, far away, unreachable.

My cabin in the woods, my safe haven, my cute little city with its weird drunk and crazy people, cold atmosphere, may we meet again.

I have changed, which is exactly the opposite of what I said five months ago when I first came here, thank you for letting me change.

You know what? Life happened here, it happens everywhere, I just wasn’t ready to accept that. I thought life happens when you start living out your dreams, needless to say I was wrong. I feel a lot more than I used to, now I have actual, genuine hope.

This five months was all I needed; this was the adventure of my life, the very first of a life full of them. I got to be the mean girl with mean and smart comments -without actually being mean, I got drunk, found my way back to my room, I got to read a lot, I got to meet a wonderful friend, whom I’ll always be in debt to, for making me realize it’s not impossible to be alone in this world of immense greatness -without knowing, I got to feel infinite, I got to feel the days as they pass by…

I got to see tomorrow not just as a day but as the abundance of possibilities it holds.

It feels so bad to be actually leaving this place and to step on another journey but every ending is starting something new.

And I’m gonna make sure my new journey will count, cause this time we have, it matters.

This space we hold and the oxygen we inhale is not for nothing, we are not space-holders.

We are not meaningless.

Marissa D.


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