Hail, to the Future

For it is our rightful king and commander, for all of us work towards it without knowing what it might bring.

I once heard that a child expresses its interest to a career that will make them happy when they are 12-15 years old. Back then, what did I want to be?

I know the answer, my mom claims to know the answer, my dad has no clue and mom’s wrong.

I wanted to become a doctor or an actress, two very different things… That is still my wish though. There is some truth to what I heard after all. And if I look a the bare truth, I’m majoring in Political Science, will graduate in two years- and will work in the area?

Sad Portrait of a Young Women.

No, that won’t be mine, not when there is lots of other things happening to better and not deserving people. Not when everyday a young kid who will never graduate from high school loses its life. Not when I still have the chance to make my life the way I desire.

Maybe the future is written in a notebook, or on a piece of tapestry or it is never written at all and we are creating it as we go. One thing I know, whether it’s written or not, all of us worry about it, all of us work towards it; thinking the way it will make our future better. So we are all Future’s slaves.

P.S: Is there a Khaleesi to free us? Do we even want to be saved? (I might not, if there are dragons be my guest though:)

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi



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