Paradox of ‘Happy’

Who will I be? Where will I end up? Happy, sad , miserable, rich, broke or all at once?

Happiness according to St. Augustine can only be determined if you are having your last breath. So working towards the end is the answer? Although since he was a Christian Priest, he might have said it for a religious cause ( I’ve read his work before, but not very closely).

Anyway, life shouldn’t be all about being happy, if happiness is the highest place you can reach. What would you do when you are happy all the time?

I’ll get bored, think about it.

Little problems to solve are the things that make me feel alive. Those are the stuff that give me purpose. Fighting for things is what I like, stressing over things  gives me thrills, adrenaline pumps my heart, being sad sometimes is what causes me to appreciate my happier times.

If everyone was happy all the time, the concept would lose its meaning. When there is no opposite situation to compare, would happiness still be happiness?

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple, although this is not my questions to answer.

It differs for everyone I guess and I don’t know my own answer.

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi


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