Nobody’s Girl

Nobody’s Girl. That was the print of a shirt I saw today at a clothing store. that word, nobody…
A girl is a no one.
Like it means I’m not loved, alone, unwanted.
Problem, is with me and my interpretation of that word probably.

Jessie’s girl, Mattie’s girl, Edward’s Bella, Romeo’s Juliet, Brad’s Angelina, Harry’s Ginny, Ron’s Hermione…

-I’m not a feminist by all means; I’m not not one either, hence I don’t actually know the full meaning of being a feminist. I only know the basics and I’m that kind of girl who will claim to be something she doesn’t have the full knowledge about.-

So, belonging to man, at least becoming ‘his girl’ is not a problem, in fact I wish I was; so many times that sometimes I believe I’m obsessed.
How would it make me feel? Will I love him? Would I love the way he looks at me?

I once liked the feels of that situation, but love? That is something else. It might have been; I was called Bret’s girl although it wasn’t official and my friends hated him.
It was complicated and I wasn’t on a place where I could defy my only friends, thus I will never know.

Just another possibility, maybe happening right now in a parallel universe.

In this one though, I am ‘my girl’, ‘Marissa’s Girl’
And for this instant its fine.

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi


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