Shades of Fear

I learned about what happened 8 hours later-time difference. The first thought that went through my head was: ‘I could have been there, I could been one of them’, even though it is not possible by any means.

This has been my reaction to every terrorist attack so far, and I seriously wish and pray for this to be the last.

Knowing the state of the world is in, the belief I had seems to last no longer than a minute. Not a day goes by without killings, bombs exploding all around the globe, people(!) shooting people, mothers and fathers fearing to travel together in weekends, so that if something bad happens their child wont lose both of them.

No matter who dies and who suffers, whether white, black, LGBTQ, we are all people nonetheless. We all came from our mothers, we all have people who care about us, even the ones who take the lives of so many…

This is what actually shocks me; mankind is the danger, the same mankind who can feel joy, anger, sadness… How is it that someone who came out of someone else, can kill others who were born the same way? What happens in the middle that we’ve missed?

Are we -human life- that worthless? Shouldn’t our lives mean anything else?

Was dying unexpectedly is the reason why they loved and lived?

This shouldn’t be the way, this shouldn’t be the way of our generation, we shouldn’t fear our peers and neighbors. All in all, none of us shouldn’t fear another human being.

Although, what should happen, rarely matches with what actually happens.

I am so sorry for the loss of all those innocent people, may you rest in peace.                       My heart goes out to everyone who have lost someone they loved and cared for.

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi



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