Sing it Again

Well, there was a really good question asked in Jodi Picoult’ s ‘Sing You Home’; What song would you choose to describe your life?

The Playlist of my Life…

I wouldn’t know, I don’t think I  truly , fully ‘lived’ yet. I don’t have many experience in this life;

Yes, I can cook

Yes I go where ever I want

Yes, I know how to clean my sh*t

No, I can’t drive

No, I  don’t make money

No, I have never dated anyone.

And the songs I would choose probably won’t describe my life; they will only show what kind of life I want to have.

You say life is a song Patrick, but if mine was a song I’d get bored after ten seconds.

There must be a difference between living a full life and a meaningful life; in the first you just do stuff to fill out the days, in the second you live for a cause. What I did with my life so far is only filling up my days with lots of meaningless things (or this is why I am constantly judged by my family).

So, nothing to sing about, but a lost cause.

If I was a phoenix, this part of my life would make a wonderful entrance to a song, hence there aren’t many significant things I did.                                                                                               Sure, I lived through some stuff, just nothing exceptional, nothing that describes me as a person who has a purpose.

Good things will come and go, just as the bad; and I will eventually emerge one day.

One day, I believe, I will become a powerful song. Until then, my song will just be hum.

I am just a hum, a melody only I know.

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi


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