‘The Quentin Syndrome’


My math teacher said to us one day that :’Life only has three major plot twists and those are; the university you go to, the job you will get and the husband or wife you will wed. The rest is a straight line with some occasional bumps along the way’.

She is so wrong, or has a really boring life; like those in the ‘Le Petit Prince’ (2016) movie: the grey neighborhood people (or I’ m scared by the possibility of it being real).
As a vulnerable and impressionable girl, I did believe what she said was true back then and I’m about to believe it again.

How awful lives we would have lived, if that was the truth (or it is and this is life?!).
Life supposed to be a journey, with many unexpected turns and bumps, not only three. At least that was what the books and the movies promised.
Or this is the way I thought it would be.

Now growing up and becoming a real grown up -not legally, but psychologically- is just around the corner, unfortunately I’m about to be smashed down by the facts (if they are in fact, the facts).

The Growing Up List

  • You are no longer 11, stop waiting for ‘The (Hogwarts) Letter’.
  • Checking the back of your wardrobe to see another realm is pathetic.
  • Fantasy novels with teenager heroes? Come’ on man grow up!
  • Trying to create spider webs is a waste of time you could have spent earning money.
  • Every stick you find is not a wand, actually none of them are!
  • In a zombie apocalypse, you would just be a zombie in the crowd.
  • When you play the game of life, you either earn money or die!
  • Dream too big? Go to rehab for the excess usage of drugs.
  • The compass shows the north, not what your heart desires most, unless you want to live in the north pole! (Remember heating costs a lot)
  • Fairies you think you see are damn bugs, you should get rid of them.
  • Mice don’t speak, slippers aren’t made of glass (and still be comfortable).
  • Only a rotten apple will cause you to faint (or most likely vomit).
  • Having too long hair causes neck damage.
  • Marrying a girl you only saw once in a castle is not a good idea, she’s probably nuts.
  • If you end up in a maze with only boys as a girl, you should run (same goes for boys too).
  • If the tooth fairy exists, and leaves a golden coin for every teeth, you can have at least 32 coins; you are better of with implants.

Enough said I think.
Is this what life would be like? Then thanks, but no thanks. When we do not believe in magic and miracles and all the other good things and fantasies, this world we live in would be unbearable, colorless. That day, living would become a burden, not a gift as it should be; worthless.
If not even ourselves value the human life, who will?

Grown ups say the magic of the world lies in helping others, giving birth, raising children and watching them stand on their own two feet and in investing in relationships rather than money…
They may go on, but as a young adult those things seem far away.

As a young adult who still waits for the ‘Call to Adventure’ part of its mono myth cycle, that’s not enough.


I call mine the ‘Quentin Syndrome’ (The Magicians); being depressed because of the lack of magic and adventure of this world and longing for great battles and heroic quests.
-For those of you wondering, I take that cycle literally, not metaphorically-

If only I could realize that life is going right pass me…
It is easier said than done.

I say Quentin from ‘The Magicians’ -the book series not the TV adaptation- because he is unfortunately a lot like me; troubled, depressed, egoistic; most importantly he thinks he is a hero, but his first instinct in a hard situation is to run.

Like most of us?
Be honest (or more honest), I try to be 🙂

Marissa ‘Riss’ Demi


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